Amber Davidson


SaferSit was started in 2016 by Laura Borsky and Francie Ruppert. When Francie was still in high school she had created her own side gig getting her friends babysitting jobs and Laura, a local mom, recognized the need for the service on a city-wide scale. They teamed up and SaferSit was born. Amber joined the team in 2018 to help manage and expand, but COVID had other ideas.

After nearly five years with the company, Amber has taken over full ownership and is excited to reinvigorate the expansion of SaferSit to the Greater Louisville area as well as maintain the trusted SaferSit name in Cincinnati.

Amber originally graduated with a degree in Dental Hygiene but was fortunate to find her true passion in another area: working with children. She returned to school to complete a Bachelors of Arts in Child and Developmental Psychology and became a Child Development Specialist.

“I started babysitting around the age of nine when I would watch my cousin during the day sometimes on summer break while my aunt helped run my grandparent’s country market. The house was attached to the market so it was a perfect setup for me to babysit her while still being supervised by actual adults. It’s crazy to think about now - a nine year old watching a baby - but I loved every minute of it. I’ve always been the motherly-type. I’m drawn to the innocence and wonder of kids. They’re fun, resilient, and curious; always wanting to know more.” - Amber